49er ID Cards are contactless capable

All campus 49er ID cards are enhanced cards with an RFID chip and an additional number set for more secure campus transactions. All faculty, staff and students need an ID card with chip technology. (Cards prior to 2016 have been deactivated and are no longer valid.)

The chip within the card allows for tapping at card readers. Most registers and residence halls allow tapping.

ID numbers

Contactless card icon

The new 49er ID Cards include two sets of numbers: one that identifies the card and one that identifies the person to whom the card belongs.

The nine-digit number that appears under the barcode is your permanent UNC Charlotte ID number. It begins with 800 or 801 and is linked to your University records (also known as the “Banner number”). This number does not change and will be the one you use most often.

The 16-digit card number is a new addition to the card. It is a secure numerical standard that links each card transaction to you. The number will change if the card is replaced.


The 49er Card and Meal Plan Office in the Popp Martin Student Union is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What to bring

  • Photo ID - current 49er ID Card, driver's license or passport

Activated immediately

Student cards

  • Meal plans (meal swipes and Declining Balance)
  • Campus spending accounts (49er Account, DB, ODA)
  • Campus housing access (resident students)

Faculty/staff cards

  • Campus spending accounts (49er Account, ODA, Five-for-30)

Activated overnight for next day use

Student cards

  • Library services
  • Gym, academic building, and lab access

Faculty/staff cards

  • Library services
  • Gym, academic building, and lab access
  • Kronos timekeeping systems (staff ); those who use Kronos clocks should continue using their old card until this date.

Activated within two days

Charlotte Area Transit application (buses and light rail)

For more information about 49er ID Cards, see the contactless card FAQ page or contact the 49er Card Office at 49ercard@uncc.edu or 704-­687­-7337.