Departmental mail and package pick up information

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Information for departments appears below. Students looking for information about mail and package pick up should visit the Auxiliary Operations Changes webpage

Updated on Friday, June 19, 2020, at 3:10 p.m.

To receive mail and packages during virtual University operations

 The Postal Service is designated an essential service. Therefore, Mail and Package Services will continue to receive, sort and deliver mail and USPS packages to campus departments.

Updated (3/25): Delivery to departments will stop on Wednesday, March 25. All mail and USPS packages will be held at Lower Prospector. Departments are required to designate an authorized departmental contact to pick up mail and packages.

Note: Mail and Package Services handles USPS packages. For more information about DHL, FedEx or UPS business package delivery, please contact Receiving & Stores at 704-687-0372 or email for assistance. 

Designating a departmental contact

Your department chair, dean or administrative officer must designate a responsible department contact to pick up mail and packages in lower Prospector at Mail and Package Services. To designate one or more department contacts, fill out the Department Mail Pick Up Contact Form.  

Carriers may not be able to access your department's mailroom or mail closet. In the event that our carriers cannot deliver to your department, Mail and Package Services will hold your mail and USPS packages for pick up at Prospector.

Departmental mail and packages cannot be forwarded to a private address or delivered to alternate locations.  

To request a hold on mail and packages

 You may also use this form to request a hold for incoming mail and packages if your staff are working remotely. 

Under “Select a mail delivery preference,” choose the option to “Hold in Prospector mailroom for pick up.” You will be asked to enter an end date for the hold. Regular delivery will resume after that date unless a campus operational change occurs.

Departmental mail and package pick up at Prospector

Departmental contacts should reach out to Mail and Package Services before heading to Prospector to check for held mail and packages. Contact Jeremy Golden at or 704-687-0379.

To change your departmental mail delivery preferences or contacts

Please resubmit a new Department Mail Pick Up Contact Form if you wish to designate new contacts or change your preferences.