Sustainability and marketing are teaming up

Friday, November 11, 2022

Chartwells sustainability coordinator Maddy Lohmeier on the left and marketing director Mrinali Rao on the right

At UNC Charlotte, the sustainability coordinator, Maddy Lohmeier (left), and the senior marketing director, Mrinali Rao (right), are teaming up to support sustainability initiatives on campus. 

The dynamic duo know that student engagement is vital to the success of Charlotte’s sustainability programs. While Lohmeier oversees sustainability initiatives, Rao and the marketing team provide resources, strategies, and networks to communicate those initiatives to students. They work together on multiple projects, whether spreading the word about the beehives on campus or igniting conversation about National Seafood Month.

This year, the marketing team offered weekly themed give-away prizes to students on Instagram. Early in the fall semester, Niner Diners promoted a Save the Bees prize box to help educate students about pollinator conservation and the bee hives on campus. Approximately 3,500 students viewed and engaged with the post to win the prize box. 

This level of engagement is just one of the many ways the marketing team helps connect students with sustainability initiatives on campus.

Learn more about dining and sustainability collabs by following Niner Diners on Instagram or visiting the Niners Eat Well sustainability page.