Business Services Celebrates 2023 Grads

We are so grateful to the student workers in our areas who help Business Services make our customers’ experiences the best they can be. Here are four graduating student workers who made a huge impact in our areas.

Jordan Badenhop

Social media marketing intern

Jordan Badenhop poses with cap that says 'The Start of Something New"
Jordan Badenhop, social media marketing intern for Business Services

Jordan, a double major in marketing and organizational management, has worked with the Business Services marketing team for the past two years. Jordan’s positive attitude, penchant for creating beautiful content and leadership ability allowed us to launch a student ambassador program that currently engages over 70 students.

After graduating, Jordan plans to relocate to Virginia to continue her career in marketing.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Jordan!

Savannah Moore graduation photograph
Savannah Moore, Communications Center operator


Communications Center operator

Congratulations to Savannah on graduating this weekend with a major in psychology and a minor in urban youth and communications!

Savannah has worked for Parking and Transportation Services as one of their Communication Center operators since April 2022.

After graduation, she will intern with Hayes Barton Baptist Church.

Some fun facts about Savannah are that when the office is not busy she enjoys singing on her pink Bluetooth microphone, and she enjoys watching reality television.

She says, “Recently my guilty pleasure has been Baddies West.”

Thank you for all of your hard work, Savannah!

Marietta Teresa Flores

Communications Center operator

Congratulations on graduating this week, Marietta! Marietta has worked with Parking and Transportation Services as one of their Communication Center operators since last September.

With her major in biology and minor in chemistry, Marietta plans to take a gap year after graduation and then attend PA school in Chicago, Illinois.

Did you know? Marietta likes to rock climb!

Thank you for your contribution to Business Services, Marietta!

Marietta Teresa Flores graduation photo
Marietta Teresa Flores, Communications Center operator

Jeremy Yagoda

Transportation driver

Meet graduating senior and transportation driver for Parking and Transportation Services, Jeremy Yagoda! Jeremy graduates with a double major in political science and criminal justice.

Jeremy has worked for PaTS for just over a year, and after graduation, he plans to volunteer as an educator for the Peace Corps. He will primarily teach English and general education to 1st through 6th graders in a rural village in Rwanda for two years and three months.

A fun fact about Jeremy is that he’s a founding father of Kappa Alpha Order!

Congratulations, Jeremy! Business Services thanks you for all of your hard work.

Jeremy Yagoda photo
Jeremy Yagoda, transportation driver