Vending machines are placed liberally throughout campus. Auxiliary Services, in cooperation with our contracted vending partners, strive to keep prices lower in campus machines than are usually found off-campus.

Almost every snack and drink machine accepts 49er Account, debit/credit cards, mobile payment, dollar bills and change. In the snack machines, healthier choices are in the column to the right.

Report vending machine issue

The campus vending machines dispense more than 1.5 million units per year and, as a result, sometimes they malfunction or run out of a product before they can be restocked.

If you discover a beverage or snack machine is not working properly, please tell us. Report vending malfunctions or out-of-stock products online or call 704-687-7352.

Faculty, staff and students

If the vending machine issue resulted in a loss of funds, you may request a refund, and funds will be placed on your 49er account if your request is approved. Please note that cash refunds will not be provided.

ATTENTION: Debit/Credit Card Users: Your bank will place a HOLD on your account greater than the amount to purchase one or multiple items in a single transaction. The HOLD amount will be updated to reflect the actual transaction amount within 24-72 hours depending on the policy of your bank. Your final charge will be only for the items you vended and the final amount will be the same as cash. Any questions regarding your bank’s policy on “account holds” should be directed to your bank.

Guests and visitors

If you do not have a 49er Account, you must request a refund directly from the vendor:

  • Coca Cola: 800-309-2653
  • Pepsi: 800-879-8884
  • Canteen: Scan QR Code at the machine to begin refund process or call 800-450-2646.