Niner Course Pack Faculty and Advisor Information

The Niner Course Pack is part of the First Day® Complete textbook and course material rental program offered by Barnes & Noble College. The program supports student success by ensuring students have access to all required course materials without the need to shop around before the first day of class. Students can buy their rented textbooks at a reduced price at the end of the semester.

The Niner Course Pack provides students access to required textbooks, lab manuals, and access codes for an affordable rate of $20 per credit hour.

Benefits for students

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Students automatically receive all their books and access to electronic materials on or before the first day of class.

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Materials are included and applied as a First Day Complete course charge to the student account.

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Significant cost savings and stress reduction for students compared to traditional textbook buying.

Benefits for faculty

  • Faculty can continue to select electronic and print materials across all publishers.
  • Faculty enjoy a customized portal for researching and selecting course materials with in-line affordability recommendations and access to Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Students are prepared on the first day of class.

Important dates

Fall Adoption Deadline: May 1, 2024

Spring Adoption Deadline: October 1, 2023

Summer Adoption Deadline: March 1, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you selected digital versions of your course materials, instructor Niner Course Pack materials will appear in Canvas approximately one to two weeks before classes start. For students, Niner Course Pack materials will appear in Canvas once you publish the course.

A: No, you will not receive a notification when a student opts out.

A: This program should not impact what materials you adopt for your courses. You will have the option to adopt course materials at different price points and in different formats, including Open Educational Resources (OER) and low or no-cost materials.

A: Students will need to decide if opting out of the program is financially beneficial based upon their entire course schedule for each term. Students are required to opt out of program participation for all registered courses per term and cannot choose or select to participate by individual courses.

A student taking a full-time courseload may find that the total cost of their materials for the semester exceeds the $20 per credit hour charge if they opt out of the program. In this case, it is advantageous to the student to continue opting in to receive their Niner Course Pack.

A: The $20 per credit hour charge is based on overall current adoptions at the University. The work that faculty have done to lower the cost of course materials for students is and will continue to be reflected in the pricing structure.

The University and Barnes & Noble College is committed to bringing down the total cost of course materials while ensuring that faculty have the freedom to choose the materials that deliver the best outcomes for their students.

Prices for the program are reviewed annually and mutually determined by the University and Barnes & Noble College.

A: If your course includes digital materials, we recommend emailing your students when you open the course in Canvas to remind them that their materials are available in Canvas. We suggest including the following language in your syllabus:

Your Niner Course Pack materials are available through First Day Complete, a program managed by Barnes & Noble Charlotte that provides digital course materials to students at a discount. If you wish to opt out of First Day Complete, visit for information. If you opt out, access to digital course materials available within Canvas will be removed and you are still responsible for purchasing all required course materials, unless you opt back in before the deadline. You may purchase your materials through Barnes & Noble Charlotte in the Popp Martin Student Union.

You should have received an email from the bookstore confirming materials provided for each of your courses and asking you to select how you would like to receive any printed components (in-store pick up or home delivery). If you haven’t done so already, please confirm your fulfillment preference so the bookstore can prepare your materials.

For more information about your Niner Course Pack, visit

To access your digital materials within Canvas [Faculty choose the option(s) below that applies]:

  • For ebooks, select the “Course Materials” link.
  • For courseware, select the “Course Materials” link.
  • For Access Codes, reveal the access code in the “Course Materials” link and redeem the code at the link provided on that page, or in the publisher’s integration in Canvas.
  • For courseware from the publisher: select the publisher’s link in your course.

Contact information

If you have trouble accessing course materials in Canvas or you have a technical question, please contact Barnes and Noble College Customer Care at or 1-844-932-6657.