Where’s the Niner Wear?

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Visit any local retail department store and you’ll find racks of Carolina, Duke and NC State stuff with precious little, — if anything — for the Charlotte fan. That’s just WRONG.

Maybe it’s time for some “positive reinforcement” for local retailers who consider the Green and White. If you see apparel or merchandise that proclaims the Charlotte 49ers or anything UNC Charlotte, be sure to tell a manager or employee that you appreciate it. Or go one better: snap a photo and send it to .

Bookstores within a 2-mile radius don’t count! But clothing, discount, department, sporting goods and drugstores in area shopping centers and malls do.

Auxiliary Services is compiling a list of those retailers so we can list them for you on the cms71.uncc.edu site and further encourage their ‘Niner Nationalism’ by thanking them ourselves.