New way to send mail requests for departments

Departments sending packages, letters, postcards and flats will no longer use the Blue and Gold slips. Instead, departments will use an updated mail form for outgoing mail. Visit the Mail & Package Services Department page for more information.

To prepare USPS package shipping requests

To mail a package through USPS, complete the USPS Package Shipping Label request form. Once the form is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Print the confirmation email and place it with your package in your outgoing department mail. Mail & Package Services will pick up the package and apply the appropriate postage.

International packages

For international packages, complete a USPS customs form. Print the completed form and include it with the package and the confirmation email from the ship request form.

If a customs form is required but not included, Mail Services will return your package to you. Mail Services does not know the contents or value of the items in your package, so cannot complete the form on your behalf.

Multiple packages

If mailing 25 or more packages, please email or call (704) 687-0383 for additional instructions.

Letters, postcards and flats

Mail & Package Services has updated the old Blue and Gold slips by combining them into one form, the Letter Mail Slip. Please include the 6-digit fund number in the PDF before printing.