First Day

What is First Day?

First Day provides students with affordable digital textbooks and required course materials. If you register for a First Day course, you can conveniently access digital course materials on the first day of class through Canvas.

If you are a faculty member or advisor looking for more information about First Day, please be sure to visit our faculty/advisor information webpage.

Info for Faculty/Advisors

How to sign up for First Day

First Day is only available for specific courses designated in Banner with the following notation:

This course is part of the First Day program. Required digital course materials are delivered in Canvas at the discounted rate of $__  billed to your student account. Please visit the First Day website to learn more about the program.

When you register for a First Day course, you will have access to the materials through Canvas when the instructor opens the course.

First Day program FAQs

You can access your course materials through Canvas. If you are a first-time user, you may need to create an account with the publisher providing the course materials. Please disable your pop-up blocker to register.
Students enrolled in a First Day course are automatically opted-in to the program to ensure that everyone has access to required course materials on the first day of class.
Depending on the course, an optional loose-leaf print version of your textbook may be available through Barnes & Noble Charlotte online or in store for an additional cost that cannot be applied to your First Day course materials fee. If a physical textbook is available, you must still be enrolled in First Day to access graded e-learning components such as quizzes, tests and homework assignments, that will not be accessible otherwise. Your instructor will email details about your First Day course materials and their expected use prior to the start of class.
Yes, all First Day course materials are required to be ADA compliant. Students in need of accommodations should work with their instructors and Barnes & Noble Charlotte. Contact the Office of Disability Services for general information about receiving accommodations.

Your instructor can provide instructions on how to access your course materials through Canvas. Barnes & Noble Charlotte Customer Care is available 24/7 to answer your questions about accessing course materials, using eTextbooks, or opting out or in to the First Day program.

Paying for First Day materials

A charge labeled “Course Materials - [Name of Course]” is automatically added to your tuition and fees when you register for a First Day course. The charge will be applied to your student account at the same time the charges for tuition and fees are added. 

Payment is due by 11:59 p.m. ET on the University’s payment due date. Any outstanding balances from these charges may result in the cancellation of your course registration. UNC Charlotte provides several methods for paying your bill.

Payment FAQs

First Day prices vary depending upon the course materials. First Day allows publishers to offer the digital course materials at a bulk rate, providing substantial savings to students. The First Day notice included in the Banner description will list the total amount for the required course materials.

Yes, but you must have enough financial aid to cover all your other charges first and then have enough financial aid remaining to cover the digital course materials fees.  

You can apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA application. Financial aid is applied to student bills 10 days prior to the start of school.
The Bursar’s Office will process opt outs for First Day every other business day. Allow up to 48 business hours for the charges to be removed from your account. Charges for course materials purchased outside of the First Day program will not appear on your bill.
You are eligible to receive a refund if you have paid your bill in full, including your First Day charges, before opting out. Your account will be credited, usually within 48 hours after you opt out. You may receive a refund subject to the University’s refund schedule. Refunds for First Day digital course materials will not be issued after the Census Date in the fall or spring or the opt-out dates for summer sessions.
Charges for First Day digital course materials will appear on your bill broken out by each individual class as “Course Materials - [Name of Course].” The charges for the course materials will show up on your bill when you register for the course, which is the same time as the charges for tuition and fees appear on your bill.
Ebill screenshot

Opting out of First Day

When your instructor opens the course in Canvas may opt out, but if you choose to do so, you must still purchase the required course materials and may not be able to engage with all of the e-learning platform tools required for your course, including quizzes, tests, learning modules, e-books and assignments. 

For spring and fall semesters, you will need to opt out prior to the Census Date to receive a refund. Due to the shorter class schedule, summer sessions will operate on a different schedule. 

Opt out deadlines
Summer 2022

March 18, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

Fall 2022

Census date: Sept. 2, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

Spring 2023

Census date: TBA, at 11:59 p.m.

You will receive an email from your instructor and Barnes & Noble Charlotte when your First Day course opens in Canvas reminding you of the opt of date so that you have enough time to opt out if you want to. If you are taking more than one First Day course, you must opt out of each individually.

Opting out FAQs

Yes. If you are enrolled in multiple First Day courses and wish to opt out, you will need to opt out of each course individually. Opting out of one course will not opt you out of other First Day courses.

Step 1: Login to Canvas with your Niner Net credentials, and select your First Day course from the Dashboard.

Screenshot of Dashboard in Canvas

Step 2: Select “Course Materials” from the navigational bar. Canvas will redirect you to your digital course materials.

Course Materials Canvas Screenshot

Step 3: Click "Opt Out" at the top of the page. 

Course Materials page with opt out button on top right

Step 4: Check the "Opted Out" box and hit confirm.

Opted out screenshot

No. If you drop a First Day course prior to the Census Date (for Fall and Spring or Opt-Out Date for Summer), the course material fees will be refunded to your student account if the previous charges were paid. No further action is required. Census and opt-out dates are listed above.
Yes. You can opt back into a First Day course up until 11:59:59 p.m. of the Census Date.
No. There is no petition process available for First Day.