Find a Printer or Copier

Set up your device to print on campus

REPROS offers students, faculty and staff the ability to print on any REPROS machine across campus. You can print from your laptop, phone, Chromebook, tablet or a University workstation.

To learn more about how to set up your device to print to a REPROS machine, visit Getting Started with REPROS.

Campus printer and multifunction device locations

BuildingRoomDevice Type
Atkins 101D105DPrinter
Atkins 101E105DPrinter
Atkins 140D105DPrinter
Atkins 140D105DMulti-function device
Atkins 1st floor (back)105DMulti-function device
Atkins 1st floor lab R105DPrinter
Atkins 2nd floor labCOR1Printer
Atkins 2nd room 237237Printer
Atkins 3rd floor300Printer
Atkins Family CenterCOR1Multi-function device
Atkins Ground Level25Printer
Belk Hall – Lobby312Multi-function device
Center City 10th floor1006Printer
Center City 5th floor503Multi-function device
Center City 605605Multi-function device
CHHS 293293Multi-function device
CHHS Student Lounge 125125Multi-function device
CHHS Student lounge 327327Multi-function device
CoEd 109109Multi-function device
Colvard 23012301Multi-function device
Colvard 50495049Printer
Epic 32653265Multi-function device
Fretwell 321321Printer
Fretwell-Thoughtful Cup Cafe’109Multi-function device
Friday 216216Printer
Hunt Hall – lobby201Multi-function device
Macy 106A106APrinter
Macy 106B106BPrinter
Martin Hall Lobby150Multi-function device
McEniry 445445Printer
Prospector – by REPROS112Multi-function device
Prospector Cafe’202Multi-function device
Robinson 203203Printer
Rowe 285285Printer
SoVi-2nd floor204Multi-function device
Storrs 200 – Architecture Library200Multi-function device
Storrs 210Storrs 210 (by Smart Market)Printer
Student Union 140140Multi-function device
Student Union 180180Multi-function device
Student Union 212212Multi-function device
Student Union Food Court140BMulti-function device
Woodward Public138Multi-function device