Meal Plan Selection


Please read the meal plan information page before submitting a request to change or cancel your meal plan.

The deadline for upperclass residents and commuters to request a meal plan change without incurring a $25 administrative fee is Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2024, at noon.

The final deadline to change or cancel a non-required meal plan is Friday, Sept. 6, 2024, at noon.

First-year students living on campus

First-year students living on campus will be assigned The Daily Plan and may not request a change. Meal Plan options are based on student type as determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (first-year or upperclass), not based on number of credit hours.

Residents and commuters making changes to plan

Please review the meal plan FAQs before making changes.

Adding a meal plan

Students may purchase a meal plan at any time. If you purchase The Daily Plan after Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2024, at noon, the plan will be prorated.

Straight Declining Balance plans will be billed in full for the amount of the plan, regardless of when the plan is purchased.

If changing between The Daily Plan or a different block plan, any meal usage will transfer to the new plan; the original declining balance portion will remain unchanged.

If a cancellation of a non-required meal plan is approved, meals will be refunded on a prorated basis and the declining balance will remain unchanged to be used throughout the academic year purchased.

If changing from The Daily or block plan to a straight DB plan, the meal portion will be refunded at a prorated rate. The associated DB portion will be refunded based on use. The straight DB plan requested will be added and charged in its entirety.


The Daily Plan and Block Meal Plans will be billed in two parts. You will notice a line item for meals and another for declining balance. Collectively, these two amounts equal the total cost of your meal plan.