Deposit to ODA for a chance to win free Starbucks

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If you are getting low on Declining Balance funds, or you want to top off your dining account, a deposit to your Optional Dining Account (ODA) could pay off in a big way!

Every $25 you deposit will get you a chance to win one of nine golden keys that could unlock a free year of Starbucks!

From Thursday, Oct. 27 to Wednesday, Nov. 9, you will be rewarded with an entry into a random drawing to win a golden key for every $25 added to your Optional Dining Account (ODA).

The winner of the drawing will receive one of nine golden keys. Each of the nine golden key holders will have a chance to win free Starbucks (the equivalent of $1,000 in ODA) at the end of the semester.

Deposit ODA

ODA can be used to supplement a meal plan when your Declining Balance runs low–or it can be used without a meal plan to purchase food and convenience items at dining locations and campus markets.

ODA funds roll over each semester until you graduate or separate from the University. To check your spending account balances, log in to eAccounts online or download the eAccounts app.

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