49er Mobile ID Program

49er Mobile ID

The 49er ID Card is now available on Android, iOS and Apple Watch.

49er Mobile ID

Screenshot of 49er Mobile ID

Like your physical 49er Card, your 49er Mobile ID gives you access to:

  • Campus housing
  • Recreational facilities
  • Campus labs
  • Campus events

Your 49er Mobile ID holds funds for:

  • Declining Balance
  • Optional Dining Account
  • 49er Account

And, your 49er Mobile ID serves as your:

  • Meal plan card
  • Library card
  • Backup credential for parking access*

*Note that your physical card will not be available for use as a backup parking credential if you are using 49er Mobile ID.

Getting started

To set up 49er Mobile ID on your device, download the Transact eAccounts app.

Follow the instructions for setting up your 49er Mobile ID or watch the video below to get set up on your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android device.

iPhone and Apple Watch

Android devices


Having trouble setting up or using your 49er Mobile ID? Submit a request for help online and a 49er Card specialist will get in touch.

Visit the Loan Key Desk if you encounter issues with your 49er Mobile ID outside of business hours.

For general questions about 49er Mobile ID, please email 49erCard@charlotte.edu or call (704) 687-7337.


A: If your phone runs out of battery power, you will be able to access your residence hall.

For iPhone users: iPhone users may run their phone in Express Mode with power reserve to access their Apple Wallet for up to five hours after your phone begins to run on its power reserve. If Express Mode fails during business hours, visit the 49er Card Office in the Popp Martin Student Union or the loan key desk to pick up a temporary card. After hours, visit the loan key desk.

Learn more about Express Mode.

For Android users: If your device runs out of battery, we recommend that you visit the 49er Card Office in the Popp Martin Student Union or the loan key desk to pick up a temporary card. After hours, visit the loan key desk.

A: The Card Office is using a phased approach to rolling out the 49er Mobile ID program. Each year, incoming students will be encouraged to adopt 49er Mobile ID instead of having a physical ID card printed. However, students, faculty and staff will not be required to adopt 49er Mobile ID and may continue using their physical ID cards.

A: No, if you do not have an NFC-enabled device, or you are unable to download the Transact eAccounts app, you may visit the 49er ID Card Office in the Popp Martin Student Union to have a physical 49er Card printed. Please bring an official government-issued identification card like a driver’s license, when you visit the office.

All students, faculty and staff have the option to use 49er Mobile ID. However, the 49er Card Office is phasing in adoption over time and sending targeted communications to groups as support for 49er Mobile ID becomes available. Our goal is to provide the best individual customer service support experience possible as each group adopts 49er Mobile ID.

A: If you adopt 49er Mobile ID, your physical 49er Card will continue to function as it always has. You will be able to use both your phone and your physical card to access meal plans, spending accounts, buildings and more!

When ordering with your meal plan or campus spending account at Domino’s, their online ordering system will ask you for your 16-digital ISO number.

  1. To find your ISO number, visit the eAccounts online web portal and log in with your NinerNET credentials.
  2. Select “Card Services” in the top menu. 
  3. You will see a page called “Deactivate Card” with a drop down menu. 
  4. Your 16-digit ISO number is under “phone” and begins after the string of zeros.

Do not hit the deactivate button.