49er Mobile ID Program

49er Mobile ID

The 49er ID Card is now available on Android, iOS and Apple Watch to first-year students. 

49er Mobile ID

Screenshot of 49er Mobile ID

Like your physical 49er Card, your 49er Mobile ID gives you access to:

  • Campus housing
  • Recreational facilities
  • Campus labs
  • Campus events

Your 49er Mobile ID holds funds for:

  • Declining Balance
  • Optional Dining Account
  • 49er Account

And, your 49er Mobile ID serves as your:

  • Meal plan card
  • Library card
  • Backup credential for parking access*

Retain your physical 49er Card for admission to athletic events and for riding CATS buses and LYNX light rail.

*Note that your physical card will not be available for use as a back up parking credential if you are using 49er Mobile ID.

Getting started

To set up 49er Mobile ID on your device, download the Transact eAccounts app for Apple or Android.

Follow the instructions for setting up your 49er Mobile ID or watch the video below to get set up on your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android device. 

iPhone and Apple Watch

Android devices


Having trouble setting up or using your 49er Mobile ID? Submit a request for help online and a 49er Card specialist will get in touch. 

Visit the Loan Key Desk if you encounter issues with your 49er Mobile ID outside of business hours.

For general questions about 49er Mobile ID, please email 49erCard@uncc.edu or call (704) 687-7337.