Auxiliary Performance Criteria

The performance of both contracted and self managed auxiliaries will be reviewed routinely as well as formally on an annual basis. The standards for performance for contract providers are specified in the original Request for Proposal (RFP specifications), the vendor response, and the final contract agreement (which clarifies any inconsistencies between the RFP and the response of the successful bidder). These documents are maintained in the UNC Charlotte Purchasing Office, as well as by the contract administrator within Business Services. It is the responsibility of the contract administrator to insure the level and quality of service specified is provided. A staff person within Business Services is designated as contract administrator for each service provider.

  • The appropriate contract administrator will conduct weekly quality assurance monitoring of all service areas to insure contract specifications are being met and take weekly, and daily action if necessary to request and follow-up on necessary corrections.
  • Monthly meetings will be held with contract representatives to review performance, problems, customer concerns, and projects. With larger contracts, e.g. Dining Services, weekly operational reviews will be conducted.
  • Monthly and annual financial reporting is required and prescribed by the contract specifications; other data may be requested as needed and must be provided by the contractor.
  • An advisory committee will meet monthly, or more as needed, to provide input on the services provided.
  • Along with ad hoc customer information this feedback will be reviewed with the contractor for action plan integration.
  • As appropriate auxiliaries will be expected to conduct on-going or annual customer satisfaction/feedback surveys, or be able to demonstrate with sales and utilization data customer satisfaction levels.
  • Formal reviews of contracts relative to financial performance and fulfillment of contract specifications will be held annually with each service provider at the anniversary date of the contract.
  • Performance deficiencies will be handled as defined within the terms of the request for proposal and accompanying service contract.