Fees & Payment Methods

Important Information

  • Passport Book: international travel via air, sea and land
  • Passport Card: international travel by sea and land only
  • Each applicant must pay an execution fee of $35.00 (cash only) paid to the Acceptance Facility
  • The application fee below, must be paid by check or money order and made payable to U.S. Department of State
  • Credit Card payments are not accepted for these fees.

Adult Applicant Fees

Service TypeAdult Passport BookAdult Passport CardAdult Passport Book & Card
Expedited (+$60.00)$190$90$220
Expedited Return Delivery (+19.53)209.53Not Available$239.53

Minor Applicant Fees

Service TypeMinor Passport BookMinor Passport CardMinor Passport Book & Card
Expedited (+$60.00)$160$75$175
Expedited Return Delivery (+19.53)279.53Not Available$194.53