Student Packages

Receiving a Package

An email will be sent to you when the package has arrived. It must be picked up within 10 business days. Please pay close attention to the location of your package. Your email will provide the location where your package is stored. Only students residing on campus may receive mail and packages on campus. Students residing in off-campus student housing complexes may not receive mail/packages on campus.

Picking up from Smart Lockers

If your package pick-up notification indicates that your package is in a smart locker, follow these smart locker package pick-up instructions.

Picking up from the Package Window

Students who live on campus may pick up their packages with their 49er Card and email notification. Packages must be picked up by the package recipient and signed for at the window.

If you expect to receive packages at your campus address while living off campus for the summer, please complete a change of address form prior to the end of the semester. You will start receiving mail at your campus address again once the summer is over.

Sending a Package

Make sure package is properly wrapped and addressed. The Mail & Package Services Center has mailing materials for purchase and we gladly offer packaging advice.

70 lb Maximum: It is a Postal Service policy not to send any packages greater than 70 lbs.

For the best possible service:

  • Use full & formal names (first and last, no nicknames)
  • Provide a delivery and return address
  • Capitalize everything in the address
  • Use two (2) letter state abbreviations, and common abbreviations
  • Eliminate all punctuation
  • Use Zip + 4 Codes (e.g. 28223-0001)
  • For International Mail, please provide country name in ALL CAPITALS on last address line