Mail on Campus

Campus mail

Campus mail is any piece of mail that is to be delivered from one Campus Department/Representative to another Campus Department/Representative. These pieces can either be placed in an Inter-departmental envelope or may be sent in an envelope of your choosing. If the mail piece is not sent in an inter-departmental envelope, the mail piece must be distinguished as campus mail by placing the words “CAMPUS MAIL” in the upper right hand corner where postage would be applied.

Envelope explaining how to address UNC Charlotte campus mail.

All campus mail and interdepartmental mail must be separated from any items needed to be metered or have postage affixed to be mailed off campus.

When addressing campus mail, use three lines:

  1. Campus Mail
  2. Individual’s name
  3. Department’s name

Typing the address directly on the envelope or affixing a label using USPS mailing standards will improve processing speed. Please type all words in the address line in CAPITAL LETTERS. Use a Sans-Serif Font such as (Arial or Helvetica). Use point sizes between (8 point and 12 point). If you have any questions please contact Mail & Package Services at 704‑687‑0383.

Interdepartmental mail

When filling out an inter-departmental envelope, please:

  • Use line that is directly below the last line used. Utilizing all lines is essential to reducing waste of improperly used inter-departmental envelopes.
  • Be mindful to cross out any previous names or departments – check the back of the envelope, too!
  • Provide the full name and department of the recipient.
  • If you do not know the name of the individual the item is going to, just put the name of the department.
  • Inter-departmental envelopes are to be used only for the dissimilation of mail between departments. They are not to be used to mail personal items or for any other type of personal use.
  • Inter-departmental envelopes are the property of Mail & Package Services and may only be used for the purposes stated above.

Departmental mail pick up

Carriers deliver departmental mail on a regular schedule. However, if campus operational changes occur, carriers may not have building access. Mail Services will hold departmental mail for pick up at the mailroom window.