Smart Lockers

The Mail and Package Services (MPS) Smart Lockers provide a self-service package pickup area available to on-campus residents, conveniently located in Lower Prospector.

On-campus residents may retrieve their packages from Smart Lockers with their 49er ID card.

To take advantage of this service, be sure to retrieve your packages within 24 hours of email receipt. Packages stored within the lockers will expire after 24 hours and be relocated to the mailroom in order to make room for the next delivery.

How to collect a package from MPS Smart Lockers

Step 1: Your package Kiosk location and locker number are indicated in the email.

Step 2: Visit the Smart Locker bank in Lower Prospector at Mail and Package Services

  • Locate the kiosk indicated in your package notification email.
  • Tap your 49er Card at the kiosk.
  • The locker number is indicated in your email

Package collection at the Package Pickup Window

Not all packages will be placed in Smart Lockers for pickup, so be sure to check your email to determine if your package has been placed in a locker or in the mailroom.

Students must go to the Package Pickup Window when the lockers are at capacity or for packages that require a signature, refrigeration or are too large for the locker.

You will receive an email notification from Mail and Package Services stating that you have received a package. This email will note if your package is available for pick up in the MPS Smart Lockers, at the Mail Package Pick-Up Window or if it is located in a personal mailbox at Union Station. Packages will only be available for pick up in Union Station if you have paid for and leased a separate mailbox.

The MPS Smart Lockers are located in Lower Prospector at the base of the stairs near Mail and Package Services. You will be notified by email once your package has arrived and been processed by Mail and Package Services.

This email will include information on which locker Kisosk and locker number your package is located in.

Once you have accessed the correct kiosk, you can scan your 49er ID or input your collection pin.

The locker associated with your package will then automatically open. Please retrieve your package(s) and close the door.

See a mailroom staff member if you accidentally close the locker door before collecting your packages. Do not attempt to pry open the door.

Mail and Package Services will make a concerted effort to combine packages into one locker if you have received more than one package. You should still double-check your email to ensure you don’t have packages in multiple lockers waiting for you.

Please do not attempt to pick up your packages until you are ready to retrieve them all. Opening and closing a locker will inform Mail and Package Services that the locker has been emptied and can now be filled with another package. Additionally, your collection pin/49er ID will only allow you to open the locker once.

You may have packages located in the MPS Smart Lockers and at the Mail Package Pick-Up Window if you have received multiple packages over several days.

You will need the following identification:

If you are retrieving your package from the MPS Smart Lockers,  you will need your 49er ID and/or the collection pin. The collection pin will be listed in the email that you receive from Mail and Package Services.

If you are retrieving your package from the Mail Package Pick-Up Window, you will need your 49er ID Card or a legal form of identification along with your 800#.

Packages must be picked up from the MPS Smart Lockers within 24 hours of receiving the email. You will receive a reminder email during this 24-hour period. If you are not able to retrieve your package within that time frame, it will be removed from the locker and relocated to the Mailroom. You will need to visit the Mail Package Pick-Up Window to collect your package.

Packages located in the MPS Smart Lockers may be picked up any time the building is open.  Building hours are, Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Prospector building is closed on weekends and University holidays.

Packages received by or relocated to the Mailroom must be picked up from the Mail Package Pick-Up Counter within 10 business days. Packages will be returned to the sender if they have not been picked up within this timeframe.

The Mail Package Pickup Window is open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It is likely that your locker time had expired and your package has been relocated to the Mailroom. Please visit the Mail Package Pick-Up Window to locate your package.

No. Please continue to use the following format:

Student Name (no nicknames)
Room number and Residence Hall
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28223

All on campus residents should collect their mail & packages from the Prospector Mail Center.

If you have rented an on-campus mailbox in Union Station, your mail and packages will continue to go there.

Students will receive an email when they receive letter mail and must be picked up from the Package Pick-up Window.

Medications requiring refrigeration will be placed in the Mail and Package Services’ refrigerator and you may pick them up from the Mail Package Pick-Up Counter. You will receive an email stating your package’s location.

All signature items will be picked up at the Mail Package Pick-Up Counter and signed for.

There are no weight restrictions for packages. However, the lockers are only able to accommodate packages up to 3 feet long and 19 inches wide. Packages that won’t fit into the lockers will be kept in the Mailroom.