Union Station

Union Station in Popp Martin Student Union provides shipping and U.S. Passport services. At Union Station, you’ll find:

Package shipping service

Union Station offers USPS, DHL, and FedEx shipping options. We'll compare pricing, so you can choose which service is the best choice for your budget and/or delivery needs.

Stamps and shipping supplies

Stamps, boxes, and packing materials are for sale. Expert advice on preparing your shipment is always free!

Money orders

Money orders are available at Union Station as well as Mail & Package Services in lower Prospector Building.

Notary Services

 Union Station offers official notarization for a fee of $5.00.

Passport icon

Official U.S. passport acceptance station

Union Station has been certified as a Passport Acceptance Facility to process U.S. Passports and submit them for Department of State approval. Passport application requires proper documentation. Passport photo service is also available.

Physical address: Popp Martin Student Union, 8845 Craver Rd., Charlotte, NC 28262

Passport pricing

Execution Fee: $35 (cash only)

Photo Fee: $15 (cash only)

Adult (age 16+) Passports (must be paid with a check or money order)

Expedite Fee $60- optional overnight return delivery fee $18.32 added to check or money order (5 to 7 weeks).

  • Passport Book (regular service, 10 to 12 weeks): $130
  • Passport Card (regular service, 10 to 12 weeks): $30
  • Passport Card (expedited service, 5 to 7 weeks): $90
  • Passport Book and Card (regular service, 10 to 12 weeks): $160

Minor Passports (must be paid with a check or money order)

Expedite Fee $60- optional overnight return delivery fee $18.32 added to check or money order (5 to 6 weeks).

  • Passport Book (regular service, 10 to 12 weeks): $100
  • Passport Card (regular service, 10 to 12 weeks): $15
  • Passport Book and Card (regular service, 10 to 12 weeks): $115

Campus mailbox rental

For students who would like the convenience of having a consistent campus address or faculty and staff members who would benefit from having a personal mail delivered to them at a central, campus location, Union Station offers campus boxes for rent.

Boxes are available in 6 and 12-month terms, which may be renewed as long as you remain a current student (regardless of on-campus or off-campus residence), faculty or staff member.

Mailbox rates

  • $10 for 6 months
  • $15 for 12 months

Kodak Photo Kiosk iconKodak® photo kiosk

Self-service Kodak Picture Maker photo kiosk allows photo duplication from 2" x 1" up to 8" x 10".

Touch screen allows easy cropping, red-eye correction and retouching. Add borders or create collages, calendars, cards and invitations with Picture Maker photo projects.

Extracts photos from USB drive, CD, DVD and Bluetooth, etc. Save pictures from camera media cards to CD or DVD.

Fax service

  • Local fax: 50¢ per page
  • Out-of-state: $1.00 per page

Balloons iconBalloons

Latex and Mylar; one or two at a time or by the bunch!

  • Latex: 1.25¢ each
  • Helium only (for your balloons)
  • Mylar: $3.25 each
  • Hi-float latex balloon life extender: 30¢ each